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Our ability to provide a full line of complementary processes and products that addresses environmental issues uniquely positions us as one of the world’s leading multi-processors of plastic components.  Sinclair & Rush is your single source for vinyl, plastic and rubber product protection needs. Here are a few things taking place at Sinclair & Rush, Inc., S&R Going Green

Prop 65 Information

VisiPak Donation Container Aids Red Cross at "Vinyl Saves Lives" Presentation

The 2015 National Plastics Exposition (NPE) produced by The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) featured a booth by SPI and it's affiliate The Flexible Vinyl Alliance (FVA). The two organizations presented "Vinyl Saves Lives" theme by displaying the many uses of vinyl in the medical field. In addition, they invited the Red Cross to be the recipient of special donations at the show. VisiPak, a Sinclair & Rush company, was contacted for a 4 foot high donation container. Read all the details here.


There are many topics related to "going green" and it is a difficult task to be a champion on all aspects. However, the family of companies of Sinclair & Rush wish to assist you in your endeavor to learn more. Below are resources which we hope you will find beneficial in your study of a greener environment. You will find links to material information, packaging news, and other green efforts.

Resin Identification Codes are everywhere, but often consumers are unaware as to the meaning. Here is a file from the American Chemical Council that offers clarification.

SPI Resin Identification Code Guide - Here's more about the codes and how to use them from the Society of the Plastics Industry.

Eastman Recycling Statement  As a supplier for the Sinclair and Rush Companies, Eastman Chemical provides information on materials used in our products.

More from Eastman Chemical  Materials and recycling are discussed in this article.

Another Viewpoint  We have a few viewpoints below, but what are others saying? Click to learn more.

More Debate  So many sources on the subject of public or scientific opinion. Read on.

Science vs. Politics  Who are the experts?

Who's protecting our children?  Are we so enthralled with media coverage that we are missing the real risks? You decide.


There are many associations related to plastics and here are a few to help you learn more. You will find material regarding regulations, safety, health, packaging news, and much more.

SPI, the Plastics Industry Trade Association supports a wide range of topics, including the Flexible Vinyl Products Division. See also their FAQ page on vinyl especially those related to safety.

For more about safety read the Vinyl Institute's  information along with much more on vinyl.

American Chemistry Council  Plastics Division


Interest in the environment and health is increasingly on the rise and is influenced by consumers, politics, government and private industry. Therefore, the Sinclair & Rush family of companies is also making a contribution. We hope you find the following editorials enlightening.

It's Not Easy Being Green Does anyone really know what to do to be green? Read on and see if you agree.

What Are Phthalates? There's alot of talk about it, but exactly what's it all about? Click the link to learn more.

The Phthalate Controversy Toys from China were pulled from store shelves and quickly reason was being challenged. Read more by clicking the link.

Banned Phthalates, Products and Packaging Oddly, the ban applies only to a minor (no pun intended) classification. So much over so little. Click, read and you decide.

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