Extrusion is the process of pushing hot material through a form or die creating a continuous profile such as a tube.  The hollow section of a tube is usually extruded by placing a pin or mandrel inside of the die and in most cases positive pressure is applied to the internal cavities through the pin. The new product requires cooling and this is achieved using a water bath.  The water bath is in a vacuumed controlled environment to keep the tube from collapsing.  Common tube shapes are round, square and triangular, but can be almost any shape as long as it is continuous.

Materials – Various materials can be extruded and we process vinyl, foam and plastic.  We typically use flexible PVC in the production of vinyl tubing.  The primary materials used in the production of our foam tubing is NPVC (Nitrile), UV-NPVC and EPDM. To produce our clear tubes we typically use PETG material. 

Engineering and Prototypes – Not only do we have over 50 years of design experience, but we utilize some of the most sophisticated design and manufacturing software, Pro-Engineer, to seamlessly integrate the tooling fabrication process.

After we receive your specifications, our engineering staff utilizes their expertise to explore all possibilities in determining the best material and the best process for the project.  Our goal is to design your part in the most cost effective manner and to design it to deliver the highest level of performance required.

Prototypes can be prepared for engineering and marketing tests. 

Equipment – An extruder consists of a hopper for feeding in the raw materials, the heating section where the material is melted into the desired consistency, a section for transferring the material through the die and finally a cooling section for the end product.  Although this is very general and each section employs many fine details for producing quality products it is the die that is responsible for creating the different sizes and shapes. One machine can easily be used for several products simply by swapping out the die.

Our Specialty – Clear plastic tubing has been the central focus of our plastic extrusion process and as the largest extruder of PETG tubing in the USA our selection of sizes and wall thickness options are unmatched in the industry.  This is especially so with our unique PermaSeal™ tube, which has one permanently closed end and is the highest quality packaging tube container on the market. 

Our foam extrusion operations boast the capability of not only producing extruded foam tubing, but to also perform a secondary process converting foam tubing to grips.  Our additional investment in equipment used to buff or grind the outer skin of the tube helped us expand and create various shapes and styles of foam hand grips. 

As a result of our efforts in the foam grip market we have developed special material formulations to give grips particular qualities to serve specific needs.  Our Durablend™ material has excellent ozone and oxidation resistant qualities while our UV-NPVC™ offers great ozone and weather resistant features.

Combined with a variety of our proprietary vinyl material formulations such as Softex™, Vynafoam™, and Flexfit™, to name a few, we are able to offer the most comprehensive mix of choices and deliver  the highest quality product and service.

Benefits of Extrusion

Extrusion is seen as the most economical manufacturing option due to its efficiency and small amount of material waste. This process is used for all types of tubing as well as seals and fiber optic cable.
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