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Leaders in Product Protection, Packaging and Comfort

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Leaders in Product Protection, Packaging and Comfort

What began in 1950 as a small dip molding company manufacturing custom vinyl products to a handful of customers has evolved into a global operation with manufacturing and distribution operations on four continents supplying over 20,000 customers. By offering products that provide a solution, Sinclair & Rush has earned the status as a premier supplier to some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our ability to provide a full line of complementary processes and products uniquely positions us as one of the world’s leading multi-processors of plastic components. To that end, Sinclair & Rush is constantly looking for ways to expand into new markets, develop new technologies, and solve new challenges that create value for our customers. We invite you to learn more about us.

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Product Expertise

Each Sinclair & Rush division specializes in its own product category, offering new and unique solutions to product protection, packaging and comfort.

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