Foam Extrusion


As the leading manufacturer of industrial hand grips in North America, Sinclair & Rush has invested heavily in foam extrusion and grinding capabilities. Knowing that most extruded foam products on the market were tailored to the needs of the refrigeration and construction industries, we used its technology to create products specifically for its markets.

What is Foam Extrusion?

The foam extrusion process is similar in nature to most other extrusion processes in that a rubber compound is mixed with foaming agents, pushed through dies, and then cured and cooled for packaging or further processing.

Secondary processing often involves the use of high-speed grinding equipment that shapes the tubes or rounds off the edges for a more attractive appearance.

Business Units Supported

The materials and processes used in our foam extrusion process are typically designed to create hand grips and cushioned foam sleeves with greater compression deflection properties, better durability, and a softer feel than extruded foam used in insulation or packaging applications. While specialty applications for higher performance foam tubing exists, this process mainly supports our GripWorks business unit.


One location allows us to effectively serve our clients and support our foam extrusion business.


Foam extrusion operations are primarily supported worldwide by our GripWorks sales and engineering teams. These specialists can aid customers with sizing, material selection and more, to find the best solutions for their specific application. Proprietary blends of NPVC and EPDM are the primary materials extruded and tubes can be converted into a variety of shapes with secondary processing.

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