Vinyl Dip Molding


With dip molding operations on four continents and a history that dates back to 1950, Sinclair & Rush is arguably the oldest and largest dip molding company in the world. Over the years, it has been an industry leader championing innovations in new materials, manufacturing methods and product design.

What is Dip Molding?

In its most basic form, dip molding is similar to the art of candle making. A heated metal mold is immersed or "dipped" in a tank of liquid plastisol (PVC). The heat from the mold attracts the cool plastisol and the part is formed. The molds are extracted from the liquid and heat cured. After the parts are cured, they are cooled and stripped from the molds.

Business Units Supported

The Sinclair & Rush dip molding operations serve every business unit of the company. StockCap includes 16 unique lines of dip molded vinyl caps, plugs, and flange covers along with hundreds of custom-made products. GripWorks features 8 unique lines of dip molded products and VisiPak utilizes 3 styles as closures for its line of plastic tube packaging. Our plastisol formulations are branded under the name VynaFlex®.


To effectively serve our clients and support our global business, dip molding operations are strategically located throughout the world.  


All dip molding operations are supported by experienced sales and engineering teams that can advise clients on the best solutions for their specific application. The dip molding process is extremely flexible as each set of molds can typically manufacture products in different lengths and thicknesses using materials with a wide variety of properties and finishes. All locations benefit from the company’s extensive experience in materials and design innovation, automation and quality control while conforming to the unique needs of their specific markets.

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