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We would really like to say we're perfect, but we do come close! Each year the Sinclair & Rush, Inc. family of companies process over 30,000 orders and in excess of 60,000 line items across 100s of millions of parts. Presented below, you will find our annual Customer Satisfaction survey results. Our scores are based upon a 4 point scale. A score of 4 is considered complete customer satisfaction and represents our unwavering goal for our family of customers. If you would also like to see what our customers have to say about us, please visit the testimonials pages on each of our divisional websites. Just click the logo from one of our brands below!

Testimonials From Around the World

In the course of a normal business day people generally strive to do a good job. Occasionally, the efforts are genuinely enhanced and this is often only recognized when the customer shares their appreciation. Many times the gratitude isn't necessarily about the product, but about the people who make Sinclair & Rush, Inc., what it is, a great place to work, build a career and bring value to our customers. Please click on the logos below to see some of the personal comments our customers share with us each year.

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"Your advice to slightly undersize the caps I purchased due to the fact that they are flexible and will stretch to fit snugly is spot on and and I appreciate that your website provides that information." - Kenneth from New York

"Nice work, thanks!" - Robert from California

"Thank you!!" - Robert from Florida

"Thanks so much for all you do for us. " - Linda from California

"Thank you for your support and cooperation, it is a honor to work with you, thank you." - Li from China

"S&R provide the perfect product for our needs."- Bill from Minnesota

Very happy with the quality and extremely quick shipment of my order! Have been using this company for years and will continue to." - Tyler from North Carolina

"We have never had a bad experience with Sinclair & Rush. Great product and great service!"- Nadine from Florida

"Very satisfied with your product,the personnel and service we get from Sinclair & Rush." - Edna from Iowa

"NICE PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH."- Nicholas from Pennslyvania

"Sinclair & Rush have provided good service over the last year. There was an order or two that took longer to arrive (due to worldwide supply chain issues) but were back to normal lead times by the end of the year. The product still meets our performance needs."- Darcy from North Dakota

"Great customer service! Thank you!"- Sondra from New Hampshire

"A pleasure doing business with Stock Cap/Sinclair & Rush."- Robert from Arizona

"Customer facing remains excellent at S&R. I can speak to a human with 1 phone call and no electronic greeting maze to negotiate. Janelle and the crew are knowledgeable, empowered and motivated. It is like the good ol' days. Order fulfillment is equally admirable with timely delivery and, with 1 exception, orders that are complete and correct the 1st time. "- Steve from Missouri

"Looking forward to a continued partnership and more experience with the S&R team."- Rip from Oregon

"Keep the good customer service, very good follow up with order."- Jesus from Switzerland

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