Charitable Causes

Through the years Sinclair & Rush has participated and contributed to various causes and concerns, not only on a worldwide scale, but also close to home. Whether teaming up with local or international organizations to give assistance to others in need or, when employees face personal catastrophic events including health, family, or homestead issues, the employees of Sinclair & Rush have combined to help give relief. Participating in fundraisers ranging from Cures for Cancer Research to Wells for Water, below are some of the organizations that we support.

The Sinclair and Rush brands serve many markets with many interesting products, but one particular customer touched our hearts so much we just had to be a part of the program. We can’t tell the story as well as the creators of the GRIT Freedom Chair. We hope you will also be touched by this amazing program.

Recipients of GRIT Freedom Chairs

GRIT is an engineer-founded, mission driven company that believes in the power of movement and the opportunity to amplify one’s self. GRIT’s flagship product, the GRIT Freedom Chair, demonstrates their belief in the power of thoughtful product design done in partnership with the community they serve.

With a focus on creating products for a greater social good, GRIT has developed all-terrain wheelchairs and accessories that support users to push themselves farther. The GRIT rider community thrives with activity and adventure, from riders rejoining and rolling with their family, to training for and completing a triathlon, or revisiting childhood landmarks with new independence. 

Individuals wishing to obtain a GRIT Freedom Chair often look for financial assistance and Sinclair & Rush helped a couple of those individuals achieve their goal. Each recipient now has new mobility access and improved opportunities to participate with family and loved ones.
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News From The United Kingdom

In a continuing pattern of fundraising participation, our UK partners share a recent story. Perhaps it will be an inspiration!

Past Events

It is reported that in 1918 the Armistice with Germany officially ended World War 1 at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11 month and the United States recognizes this as Veterans Day. While this occurred over 100 years ago, it is still celebrated today and honors military veterans. In this spirit, Sinclair and Rush has made a contribution to The St. Patrick's Center in honor of veterans, not only in our employ, but as a symbolic honor to veterans everywhere. A portion of the St. Patrick Center efforts are directed towards veterans.

2021 marks the fifth year that Sinclair & Rush has honored our veterans, making donations to various organizations. Three of our four facilities account for 29 employed veterans with dates served ranging from 1966 to 2018. The Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines and Army National Guard are all represented by these 29 employees. In addition, our contributions honor posthumously two owners who served in the 1940's.


Hope in the Face of The Covid19 Pandemic

As the threat of Covid19 swept across the United States, Sinclair & Rush joined the ranks of manufacturing facilities across the country that began production of personal protective equipment, or PPE. VisiPak, the Sinclair & Rush packaging division, produces clear packaging and one facet of the business is thermoformed clamshells, blisters and trays. In a record-breaking number of days a protective thermoformed face shield was designed and manufactured. Within weeks, VisiPak developed two additional styles of VisiGuard® Face Shields.

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